The Slavi Show one of the most popular TV shows in Bulgaria with a massive following.
Click here to see the Slavi/Bobby Martin interview and the RED SHOES.  No… not Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers!!!  But Bobby’s red slip-on’s. In the interview Slavi was his usual warm and welcoming self, asking questions about the roots of music and how music radio was launched from the English Channel and in the off-shore ships that blasted out all the most popular 45’s (that’s a record speed if you didn't know). Bobby was his usual flambatious self… what more do we need to say.
The Trust Global Radio t-shirt pictured above was signed by Slavi, Bobby and the Slavi show band and it’s truly a one-off. There’s not another one like this on the planet! 

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The best answers will be read out on the "All Day Breakfast Show" over the next few weeks. The winner who’s answer (in our opinion) is the best will have the t-shirt in time for Christmas.

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Another Chance to Win an FM Radio Transmitter

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This great piece of kit is an excellent solution for playing the Trust Global Radio internet station wireless from your laptop or desktop computer to any FM radio that’s in range. Simply plug it into your computers speaker socket (see picture left), and tune your radio into the frequency you've chosen. You can then listen in the kitchen, lounge or bedroom. In the garden, by the pool or on the beach. In the workshop or on the shop floor. If you have a restaurant or Pub your customers can listen too.  
What a great idea! 

With a range of around 30 metres you, your friends and all your neighbors can listen too.  You could build your very own Trust Global Radio local listening audience! Keep listening to Bobby's show for more information on how to win one for yourself.

Latest winners:
Simon Leavy - Bulgaria     Laura Green - Cyprus
Richard Genn - UK    Bigitte Savarit - France
Charlene Bradford - Bulgaria    Kevin Bishop - UK
Jamie Blowey - UK    Esta Henderson - Bulgaria

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                Sorry Amanda,
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Well done Anne-Marie...
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Peter Hughes said : I'm a winner..! First time I've won anything for ages! Love listening to Trust Global Radio because they play great music and are so informative as well. 

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